WGSL Volunteer Background Check Information

WGSL has always focused on the safety and protection of our players as a top priority.  For many years, our league has required that adults clear a background check in order to be permitted to coach or volunteer.  Per Pennsylvania State Law, there are now new background check requirements that all of our volunteers must abide to.

(1) Child Abuse History Clearance - Free

(2) Criminal Background Check - Free

(3) FBI Background Check - Fees associated with obtaining this report.  Only required for volunteers who have resided in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for less than 10 years.  Since this background check is valid for all volunteer organizations in PA, WGSL will not reimburse fees.

Many parents have already received these clearances in order to volunteer with their child's/children's school or other volunteer organizations.  These same clearances are accepted by WGSL, and are valid for a period of five years.

If you do not already have your clearance reports, click on each link above and follow the instructions for obtaining your clearances.

Once you receive your clearances, or if you already have your clearances for another school or volunteer organization, fill out and sign the WGSL Volunteer Application/Affidavit and submit all forms per the instructions below:

(Option 1) If you have access to a scanner, scan and e-mail the signed application and all clearances to admin@wgslsoftball.com (Preferred Method)

(Option 2) Mail the signed application and a copy of all clearances to:

Attn: Background Check Clearance
PO Box 119
Lafayette Hill, PA 19444

(Option 3) Hand Deliver the signed application and a copy of all clearances to a WGSL Board Member or Commissioner.

The deadline to submit clearances for participation in the 2018 Spring Season is March 24.  WGSL is required by law to keep copies of all volunteer clearances on file so no exceptions will be granted.